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PictureSep 2005

Hurricane Katrina devastation

Images of chaos, destruction and despair


VideoOct 2005

Katrina weather report

Weatherman in need of translation

VideoAug 2008

Kite surfing accident in tropical storm Fay

Surfer lifted into air by fierce wind and thrown into building (2008)


VideoSep 2008

Hurricane Gustav leaves thousands abandoned in Minnesota

While the republican leadership races to the Gulf Coast to show their empathy, their delegates are left abandoned in the Xcel Center


VideoOct 2018

Inside the eye of Hurricane Michael

(1:16) Eerie moment of calm as Hurricane Michael's eye passes over.

PictureSep 2003

Hurricane Isabelle

VideoDec 2008

Massive ship bends in heavy seas

300m long container ship visibly bends while negotiating Tropical Cyclone Banyan off the coast of Japan (2005).


VideoMay 2012

Flying to the eye of Hurricane Emily

(4:17) Scientists fly through the eyewall, the most turbulent part of the hurricane, emerging into the eye of the storm, a sea of peace and tranquility.

VideoAug 2011

What do atheists do in a crisis?

Hands that help are better than lips that pray. Fox invited president of American Atheists, David Silverman, to explain what atheists do in times of crisis, when others turn to god.


VideoAug 2007

Hurricane Dean from space

Astronauts at space station get bird's eye view