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87%VideoOct 2013

Germans venture out in a hurricane

(1:18) October 28, 2013: Hurricane St Jude reaches Sylt, northern Germany.


87%VideoNov 2013

Super typhoon Haiyan aftermath

(1:35) November 9, 2013: The day after super typhoon Haiyan devastated Tacloban in the Philippines, a city of over 200,000 people.


87%VideoNov 2013

Typhoon Haiyan washes away house

(1:09) November 8, 2013: Footage taken as the storm hit Hernani in Eastern Samar, Philippines.


87%VideoJun 2014

Hurricane Sandy was an inside job

(5:47) Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claims US government can create and kill hurricanes.


87%VideoOct 2014

Super Typhoon Vongfong as seen from ISS

(3:05) Super Typhoon Vongfong viewed from a safe distance. Cameras onboard the International Space Station captured this video on October 9, 2014.


87%VideoFeb 2015

Why can planes fly into a hurricane but not a thunderstorm?

(0:49) With the help of some studio clouds, storm specialist Carl Parker explains the difference between hurricanes and thunderstorms.

87%VideoMar 2016

Experiencing hurricane force winds

(1:33) Brave souls brave 170 km/h hurricane force winds on Pag Bridge in Croatia.


87%VideoJul 2016

Super typhoon Nepartak batters Taiwan

(1:21) Raw footage of super typhoon Nepartak battering the city of Taitung with winds up to 234 km/h (145 mph).

87%VideoSep 2016

Moon on the loose

(0:18) Before Typhoon Meranti even made landfall, it was causing havoc.

87%VideoOct 2016

Hurricane Matthew and the link to climate change

(11:07) Climate scientist Michael Mann and journalist Oliver Milman discuss Hurricane Matthew and its connection to climate change.