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VideoJul 2012

Climate change in blunt, plain terms

(17:44) Contender for the most important TED lecture on our future.


VideoApr 2006

Alan Partridge on the benefits of global warming

Norfolk celeb promotes the Broads

VideoOct 2007

'How It All Ends' by wonderingmind42

Applying risk management to Global Warming


VideoJan 2008

The Dangers of Local Warming

Yossi Vardi delivers a lecture on the hot crisis

PictureDec 2005

Global warming established beyond doubt

Long term evidence provides irrefutable proof

VideoFeb 2015

NASA projects megadroughts for American West

(2:40) Scientists estimate future drought risk using data from tree rings and soil moisture.

VideoJan 2020

Twila Moon | Arctic melt and human choices

(2:50) The number one control of what happens in the future, is what people do.

VideoApr 2020

George Monbiot | The worst possible people in charge at the worst possible time

(6:45) Coronavirus should be a warning that our current system is not fit for purpose.

AnimationMay 2004

The day is today

VideoJul 2013

First snowfall ever in Philippines post ice age

(1:12) Three straight hours of heavy snow fell on the Phillippines, a first in recorded history.