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VideoSep 2020

AsapSCIENCE | The biggest lie about renewable energy

(13:14) The maths behind masks and why they are more effective than most people think.


VideoMay 2009

Half snail, half plant

Sea slug that can give up eating a few weeks after birth and live off solar power

Energy Bar VideoFeb 2006

Energy saving tip

Shut-eye at work

VideoAug 2020

Fully Charged | Russian EVs, 1 million chargers, and other EV news

(16:32) Electric vehicle news stories including - Russia's first electric cars, Toyota's solid state batteries, and much more.

VideoJun 2020

Physics Girl | How to dip your hand into boiling hot oil and survive

(12:54) Are you brave enough to test the Leidenfrost Effect ith you bare hands?

VideoSep 2020

Tesla Battery Day in 14 minutes

(16:08) Tesla Battery Day event finally happened. Here's what was announced.


VideoAug 2017

David Pakman - China leads green energy revolution

(4:23) China ends plans for 85 coal plants and commits to investing $361 billion on renewable energy by 2020.


VideoJul 2009

Michael Reynolds' Earthship

Maverick architect Michael Reynolds builds self-sufficient homes from rubbish. Nominated by SnowMachine


VideoFeb 2008

Windmill out of control in Denmark

The automatic brakes failed during a storm in Hornslet, causing the blades to spin too fast and shatter


VideoNov 2019

OCC | The environmental impact of the internet

(8:17) If IT was a country, in terms of global energy demands, it would rank only behind the US and China.