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VideoNov 2008

EV1 electric car - Why did it fail

Debunking some electric car myths


VideoAug 2009

Mana Energy Potion, best energy shot on Earth

Japanese depiction of smooth energy


VideoOct 2010

Why don't we make more use of the sun?

R5800 Solar Death Ray, made from a satellite dish, covered in over 5000 one centimetre mirror tiles. Properly aligned, it can melt steel, vaporise aluminium, boil concrete, and turn dirt into lava. The power of 5000 suns from an ordinary fibreglass satellite dish.


VideoNov 2020

Economics Explained | Can Texas escape oil dependance?

(21:29) Texas is the second-largest state in the US to California, by landmass, population, and GDP. But can it catch up?

VideoJul 2008

Conservation cat

Kitty pulls the plug


VideoJan 2009

Google CEO says renewables are cheaper than nuclear

Eric Schmidt puts his views across at The Commonwealth Club of California


VideoOct 2019

ColdFusion | Tesla's million mile battery

(8:03) The beginning of a new era for battery technology.

VideoJun 2010

What the world needs now is nuclear energy, true or false?

TEDTalks debates the proposition. In favour is Stewart Brand, author and editor of the Whole Earth Catalog. Against is Mark Jacobson, author and contributing editor at New York Magazine. 25 minutes long.


VideoDec 2015

US town fear solar panels suck up all the sun's energy

(1:13) Some residents of Woodland, North Carolina objected to a solar farm fearing it would suck up the sun's energy.


VideoJan 2018

China builds world's largest floating solar farm

(2:12) Each year, China is investing more in wind, hydro and solar power than any other country.