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VideoApr 2020

Tesla's virtual power plants, to be deployed worldwide

(8:22) Tesla is no longer a car company, it is an energy business hell bent on electrifying the planet.


VideoOct 2009

Power-generating backpack for Marines

Have the military turned green? Probably not, but this shows you how going green can also be more efficient.


PictureJul 2007

How to use a D battery in a C fitting

Simple picture tells it all


VideoMar 2007

12V battery hack

Cheap and easy with a big payoff

AnimationAug 2019

Gravitricity | Versatile, long-life energy storage

(2:44) Using gravity to store electricity from renewable power sources.

VideoOct 2019

ColdFusion | Tesla's million mile battery

(8:03) The beginning of a new era for battery technology.

VideoJan 2014

Frying batteries for breakfast

(2:34) The message - if you drop your phone in the fryer, run!


VideoNov 2018

Electric Cars - Batteries vs Hydrogen Fuel Cells

(16:21) Batteries are winning over hydrogen fuel cells as the way to provide electricity for electric vehicles. But do hydrogen fuel cells have a future?

VideoJun 2013

Tesla's battery swap system

(7:25) Tesla's CEO Elon Musk demonstrates the battery swap system on the Model S.


VideoMay 2014

The Dual Carbon Battery

(3:54) Is this the breakthrough so badly needed in battery technology?