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PictureFeb 2007

Missing link

The answer was just a click away

AnimationJun 2007

The Simpsons - evolution

Homer evolves into the couch

VideoMay 2016

TYT - The evolutionary benefits of oral sex

(7:19) The Young Turks discuss a recent study that sheds light on the reason people engage in oral sex.

VideoJun 2007

Richard Dawkins: Bush is probably quite a stupid man!

World's leading atheist interviewed


VideoFeb 2009

Evolution Primer - Isn't evolution just a theory? (1 of 3)

Learn the difference between laws, observations, hypotheses and inferences


VideoSep 2016

The science of lying

(8:49) Why do we lie, and why are we so good at it?


VideoNov 2007

The Game of Life

Simple rules create complexity in the universe


VideoJan 2008

Bill Maher on the Conan O'Brien show

Anyone that's religious is a schizophrenic...

VideoApr 2008

Charlton Heston on 'saving our planet'

The epic actor reads this speech by the writers of Jurassic Park


Sep 2018

You are part of a chain of reproduction that has never...

You are part of a chain of reproduction that has never been broken since the beginning of life. Thought-provoking thought