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VideoJul 2004

Ball and sand

VideoJun 2006

The Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments

Gooey ejaculation show


VideoOct 2005

Mentos and soda

Sticky volcanic eruption in the garden

VideoJul 2007

Gummy Bear in molten potassium chlorate

Sweet subjected to abuse horror!


Greenpeace VideoFeb 2003

Frog experiment

VideoJun 2011

Sulphuric acid on a wet sponge

Acid wins, as you might expect. The acid is drain cleaner from B&Q. Now you know what happens, you don't need to try it, but if you do, watch out for the fumes.


VideoMar 2011

Quadrocopter ping pong

Ball juggling experiments with a pair of quadrocopters. The remote-controlled quadrocopters are not human piloted, they and the ball are tracked by an overhead motion capture system and controlled by a pair of computers.


VideoSep 2011

Modern samurai bites the bullet

Samurai Isao Machii claims he's quick enough to slice a speeding bullet mid-air. Let's see, with the help of slow motion.


VideoApr 2013

Wringing out a soaking wet cloth in zero gravity

(3:19) All in the name of science. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield shows you what happens when a soaking wet cloth is wrung out on the International Space Station.


VideoNov 2020

Teacher's pumpkin experiment