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96%VideoOct 2012

How to shake up a can, and then open it without fizz everywhere

(2:29) I'm surprised this party trick is not better known.


96%VideoOct 2012

Professor shoots ping-pong cannon in physics class

(6:49) Professor Harold Stokes at Brigham Young University demonstrates the effects of pressure with a ping-pong cannon.


96%VideoDec 2012

Climate 101

(4:34) Bill Nye demonstrates climate change in a tabletop experiment that even deniers can get their heads around.


96%VideoMay 2014

Barrel crush experiment

(1:22) The air above you is heavy, as this experiment with a 55 gallon steel barrel demonstrates.


95%PictureJan 2004

The acid test

Artist under the influence of LSD


95%VideoDec 2012

Inside a forest fire

(1:59) Camera captures a high-intensity forest fire passing by.

94%VideoMar 2013

Demonstration of the amazing thermal properties of graphene

(1:23) TCPG (Thermal Conductive Pyrolytic Graphite), or graphene, transfers heat 12x higher than copper. This demonstration shows graphene 'melting' through ice.


94%VideoMay 2011

Brian Cox on Jonathan Ross

(19:07) Highly entertaining and informative interview with Professor Brian Cox.

94%VideoOct 2011

More quantum levitation magic

(5:09) Warning, can make you feel like you're a cat being entertained.


94%AnimationJul 2013

Karl Sims - Evolved Virtual Creatures (1994)

(4:10) Simulating evolution. Results from a research project by computer artist Karl Sims. He was best known for using particle systems and artificial life in computer animation.