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VideoJul 2004

Ball and sand

VideoOct 2005

Mentos and soda

Sticky volcanic eruption in the garden

VideoSep 2009

The marshmallow test

Temptation and patience

VideoMar 2007

Sulphur Hexafluoride

Gas on which you can float a foil boat


VideoNov 2007

Tia Maria experiment

Wasted drink, but cream yourself on this one

VideoJul 2007

Gummy Bear in molten potassium chlorate

Sweet subjected to abuse horror!


VideoAug 2015

Red hot nickel ball meets floral foam

(3:16) The reaction of a red hot nickel ball placed on a block of floral foam is probably not what you'd expect.

VideoJun 2004

Space cadet

Army lose control during LSD experiment

VideoApr 2008

Walter Lewin demonstrates mind-boggling water battery

The battery of the future could be powered by nothing but water, after a breakthrough by two Canadian scientists Daniel Kwok and Larry Kostiuk who have discovered an entirely new way to generate electricity - the first since 1839


VideoDec 2007

Giant vortex cannon blows out candle at 20m

Trivial experiment proves the power of smoke rings