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SoundAug 2004

Mental health hotline

VideoSep 2016

Does Hillary Clinton have Parkinson's Disease?

(5:04) Three videos by Dr Ted Noel who claims that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's.


VideoOct 2020

BBC | David Attenborough | Are humans responsible for pandemics?

(5:04) Scientists believe our destructive relationship with nature is putting us at greater risk of pandemeics.

VideoNov 2020

Maximilien Robespierre | Matt Hancock tries to defend NHS cuts


VideoJun 2020

Brits bask in Bournemouth as lockdown eases

(1:49) A major incident was declared in Bournemouth as thousands hit the beach to enjoy the hottest day of the year so far.


VideoNov 2020

NowThis | Dying Covid-19 patients who don't believe the virus is real

(4:40) South Dakota nursetells of many patients who insist the virus isn't real, despite their own diagnoses.

PictureOct 2006


Pill for 21st century living


VideoJul 2012

Interview with Ed Wallerstein, expert on circumcision

(15:01) Recently (June 2012), a German court issued a ruling that circumcision without medical indication for religious reasons causes irreparable bodily harm, is a felony and goes against the interests of the child to decide later in life on his religious beliefs. This video gives a little background on circumcision by medical historian Ed Wallerstein, author of the 1980 book, "Circumcision, An American Health Fallacy".


VideoFeb 2013

Finding the invisible in the visible

(3:33) Scientists at MIT have developed software that exaggerates very small visual changes so that they can be seen with the naked eye.

VideoFeb 2006

Emergency Room rap

From the womb to the tomb