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97%VideoAug 2014

Obesity PSA - Rewind the future

(1:42) You are what you eat. Obesity is a growing problem, usually the result of bad habits, bad choices and bad nutrition.

96%VideoSep 2014

Hack your brain's default mode with meditation

(3:44) ABC News anchor Dan Harris explains some of the science behind meditation.


96%VideoFeb 2014

US deputy drug czar admits marijuana is less deadly than alcohol

(9:44) Michael Botticelli gets some stern questioning about the harms of marijuana.

96%VideoFeb 2015

Paunch Burger

(0:31) Spoof ad from American satirical sitcom 'Parks and Recreation'.


95%VideoJul 2014

John Green visits a hospital in Ethiopia

(3:21) Vlogbrother John Green's visit to the Yekatit 12 Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he met neonatologist Dr Mulualem Gessesse, who has saved the lives of thousands of children.


95%VideoMay 2015

Cardboard boxes save babies in Finland

(1:28) Finland, one of the most generous welfare states in the world is also the best place to be a mother, according to Save The Children.


94%VideoAug 2013

Why are American health care costs so high?

(7:53) John Green discusses the reasons why the US spends so much more on health care than any other country, and on route reveals some surprising facts.


94%VideoDec 2013

Honest Action - Die Hard

(2:12) Real doctor analyses John McClane's state of health had Die Hard been real.


94%VideoJan 2014

100 days at the gym

(2:59) Lakeisha Shurn turns her life around in 100 days.


94%VideoJan 2014

Will saving poor children lead to overpopulation?

(3:32) Swedish public health expert Hans Rosling explains a common misunderstanding about population growth - that saving the lives of poor children in developing countries will lead to population growth.