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98%VideoJul 2014

Jon Snow's return from Gaza


95%VideoJul 2014

John Green visits a hospital in Ethiopia

(3:21) Vlogbrother John Green's visit to the Yekatit 12 Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he met neonatologist Dr Mulualem Gessesse, who has saved the lives of thousands of children.


94%VideoJun 2013

Hospitalised man sings 'You Are My Sunshine'

(1:24) Touching moment when 86-year-old James sings with his 85-year-old wife Colleen.

93%VideoSep 2013

Doctor's visit in America

(1:06) A visit to the doctor, by American comedian Pete Holmes.


93%VideoJan 2014

Creative approach to removing a ring from a swollen finger


92%VideoMar 2010

Germaphobe crazy sick rapper!

Whilst in hospital, apart from the cheeky little family of TB bacterias (sh*theads) that have been living in my lung, I have also been hearing about othet dangerous bacteria found in hospitals. German techno rap against bacteria!


91%VideoJan 2010

Showdown at Mayday Hospital, Croydon

Green vs Keane. Old womans swings at defenceless old man on the ground with her handbag and calls him a 'pussy clart' (unexpected language from a lovely old lady)


90%VideoFeb 2010

Life in quarantine

Sick rapper documents his time in near solitary confinement for seven weeks. A funny and creative take boredom from the hospital wing.


90%PictureFeb 2015

I'm fine, it's my son - he's here for his eye test

Can you write a better caption?


89%VideoAug 2007

Man Stroke Woman - May I be blunt?

Doctor in a dilemma