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PictureMar 2006

Bird flu UK

NHS treat first victim

VideoMar 2012

Charlie Brooker reviews the NHS reform bill

(5:21) 10 O'Clock Live - Charlie Brooker reviews Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley, and his National Health Service reform bill, now that it has actually passed after umpteen amendments.


VideoJan 2020

NowThis | What do Americans think of the UK's health system?

(6:31) If everybody has something for free, who's gonna pay for it?


VideoJan 2020

True cost of US healthcare shocks British public

(5:04) In the UK, an ambulance callout and the birth of your child costs you £0. In the US, it's a different story.


VideoMar 2020

UK's response to Covid-19, explained with bucket and bowl



VideoAug 2009

French health care system dubbed 'best in the world'

CBS's David Turecamo finds out why the French can afford to get sick


Jul 2007

Bupa terror campaign

VideoDec 2019

Jimmy Carr | Why not triple lock the NHS?

(4:18) Jimmy Carr comments on proceedings as election night unfolds in the UK's historic 2019 general election.

VideoFeb 2018

Trump smears UK healthcare, then gets mauled by Brits

(11:42) After attempting to smear the NHS, President Trump gets properly educated by Brits on both the left and right.


VideoFeb 2018

Jim Jefferies - Healthcare in UK vsd USA

(5:42) Australian comedian Jim Jefferies talks about his experience with the UK's National Health Service.