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VideoFeb 2017

The Map of Mathematics

(11:05) The entire field of mathematics summarised in a single map.

VideoJun 2020

Physics Girl | How to dip your hand into boiling hot oil and survive

(12:54) Are you brave enough to test the Leidenfrost Effect ith you bare hands?

VideoMar 2011

381 seconds interview with theoretical physicist Lawrence Krause

The most poetic thing in the universe according to Professor Lawrence Krauss, is the realisation that we are all stardust. Interviewed by Eli de los Pinos, an award-winning scientist herself, at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2011.


VideoSep 2020

Tesla Battery Day in 14 minutes

(16:08) Tesla Battery Day event finally happened. Here's what was announced.


VideoJun 2013

Gibbon walks a tightrope

(0:44) Siam the gibbon crosses a suspension bridge at Monkeyland in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.


VideoJan 2015

Balance in a submarine rising at 29 degrees

(0:43) Submariners pose for a picture.


VideoOct 2007

Ferrofluid - black liquid magnetic sculpture

Liquid that becomes polarised by a magnetic feild

VideoJan 2010

Richard Feynman - Why do magnets repel each other

(7:33) Physicist Richard Feynman tries to explain to a non-scientist just how difficult it can be to answer certain questions in lay terms.


VideoNov 2010


Tarragona in Spain, castellers gather every two years to see who can build the highest, most intricate human castles. It requires astonishing strength, finesse, balance and teamwork, not to mention courage/stupidity.


VideoMay 2020

The Economist | How scientists calculate climate change

(7:19) Climate activists talk a lot about "following the scienceā€ around climate change. What actually is the science, and how is it calculated?