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VideoNov 2014

Top 10 demonstrations with tuning forks

(5:16) Physics teacher shows 10 demonstrations using tuning forks with everyday lab items like strobes, mirrors, water, ping pong balls, oscilloscopes, and lasers.

VideoMay 2011

The steady art of stick balance

Extreme stick balancing, now a recognised art-form


VideoMar 2008

Professor Walter Lewin's physics class

Elaborate physics demonstrations that would keep any class wide awake. More info:


VideoOct 2009

Demonstrating superconducting magnetic levitation

Superconducting train demo. The property of zero electrical resistance in some substances at very low absolute temperatures


VideoSep 2020

Testing a real invisibility shield

(5:45) Magician Chris Ramsay puts invisible shield technology to the test.

VideoOct 2012

Professor shoots ping-pong cannon in physics class

(6:49) Professor Harold Stokes at Brigham Young University demonstrates the effects of pressure with a ping-pong cannon.


VideoJun 2017

How Elon Musk solves a problem

(4:45) Elon Musk uses a concept in physics called 'the first principle's theory'.


VideoJul 2017

Superconducting quantum levitation on a 3 pi Mobius strip

(2:49) Demonstration by the Low Temperature Physics Lab.


VideoMar 2020

Astrum | How do we know it rains iron on WASP-76b?

(5:52) There is an exoplanet where it rains iron, but it is 690 light years away. So how could we possibly know that?

VideoNov 2010

Richard Feynman introduces his lecture on Quantum Electrodynamics

The great physicist Richard Feynman warns his students that they won't understand what he's going to tell them. And if they don't like it, they can go somewhere else.