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94%VideoJul 2015

Kids react to first iPod

(7:36) Kids show how much technology has changed without us hardly noticing.


93%PictureJan 2012

Like an iPod, only better

Can you write a better caption?


92%VideoDec 2008

The Simpsons - Mypods and Boomsticks

Lisa gets to the rotten core of the problem when she receives her bill from the Fruit Store.


90%VideoJul 2008

Billy Clean, the happiest man in Chiswick

Zbigniew Colbecki or Ziggy to his friends, is a former circus juggler, who dances to more than 1,500 songs on his iPod during his shift. He moved to London from Poland three years ago.


89%PictureFeb 2009

Early iPod prototype 2001

The player that originated from a business idea dreamt up by Tony Fadell


89%PictureApr 2012

Proof Steve Jobs got to heaven

Can you write a better caption?


88%PictureAug 2006

iPod parodies

iPod sneaks into modern living

88%AnimationMar 2007

Zune by Microsoft

Ballmer's podtastic iZune thang

87%VideoFeb 2010

Matt Damon's iPad

Apple's unveiling of the iPad was big news.Unfortunately, nobody told Matt Damon!

86%ShopNov 2011

Widescreen Personal Theatre

55" screen for iPhone/Touch. Personal media viewer that provides a private viewing experience equivalent to watching a widescreen 55" television from 10' away.