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VideoSep 2010

A tale of two warring cities

Singapore Navy recruitment video by Saatchi & Saatchi. Their brief from the Republick of Singapore's Navy - create a campaign to drive the message that life is more interesting and challenging with a career in the Navy.


VideoApr 2007

Worst CGI

Special effects that require imagination

AnimationOct 2014

Mr Head

(0:47) Super realistic computer graphics.

Lada VideoOct 2008

Lada Niva quarter pipe jump

TV ad for the Russian built 4x4


AnimationSep 2006

Bruce Lee in 3D

Bone cracking cgi rendition of the master

AnimationJul 2007

1981 early computer graphics

Promo that convinced Disney to make the movie 'Tron'


VideoMay 2008

Scientifically accurate visualization of 9/11 attack

Engineers and computer scientists at Purdue University recreate the disaster


VideoSep 2010

CGI behind John Adams (2008)

Building the sets for HBO's epic period piece John Adams, all in digital space.


VideoMar 2011

Realistc facial expressions in L.A. Noire video game

Animation takes another step towards realism in this upcoming detective thriller of a video game L.A. Noire. A behind the scenes look at MotionScan, the revolutionary technology used for facial motion capture in L.A. Noire.

VideoJun 2009

F-16-SimuSphere HD, state of the art flight simulator

Sixteen projectors, 120 computers and fabulous CGI giving flyboy-trainees a truly high-fidelity experience