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VideoDec 2007

Kitchen of the future 1999

Vision of the future that didn't materialise


VideoAug 2009

Crazy weird laser thing

Playing with a laser that follows patterns while creating a most annoying noise


VideoMay 2011

Leave-Me-Alone-Box on PMT

(1:46) It's back, but this time it's taking no shit!


PictureJun 2007

Dime doorbell

Congestion charge to enter house

AnimationJan 2008

Bill Gates' house in 3d

Innovative home, blueprint for the future?


VideoDec 2006

Self-stirring mug

Gimmick for the spoonless

VideoOct 2007

I have 3, PS3's

Guy has three Sony Playstations, yes three!


VideoFeb 2008

Zagg's invisibleSHIELD strength tested with an iPhone

A polyurethane film originally used to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades but now used to protect gadgets from scratches

VideoAug 2010

USB typewriter demo

Hey, did you know you can buy one of these? Or you can buy a kit to make your own! Got a typewriter already? I'll mod it for you. Visit or for details.

VideoJun 2007

Toilet paper dispenser

Spells the end for the Andrex puppy