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93%VideoMay 2011

Leave-Me-Alone-Box on PMT

(1:46) It's back, but this time it's taking no shit!


93%VideoApr 2011

Home chores in 2050, according to industrial design students

It is estimated 74% of a global population of 10 billion will live in crowded urban environments by 2050. In 2008 it was about 50% of 6.7 billion. Space will be at a premium. Some ideas for future compact living from finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab 2010 competition.


93%VideoJul 2018

3D Compass

(1:24) A lovely piece of engineering.

92%VideoApr 2011

Get high with Jetlev

Your dream of personal flight has come true. Epic fun but not ideal for commuting.


92%VideoNov 2015

Windcatcher AirPad 2

(1:47) Thanks to a phenomenon known as entrainment, you can blow up an air mattress with ease in seconds.


91%VideoAug 2009

Crazy weird laser thing

Playing with a laser that follows patterns while creating a most annoying noise


90%PictureJun 2007

Dime doorbell

Congestion charge to enter house

90%VideoOct 2007

Disappearing car door

(3:04) Pimp up your mundane motor with these futuristic doors


89%VideoOct 2010

Alien iPhone charger

Shocking iPhone charger spotted at Japan's Ogaki Meeting


89%VideoJun 2012

Google Glass live demo at Google IO 2012, San Francisco

(7:34) Google's augmented reality glasses are designed to let wearers use apps, capture images and video, use the internet and social networks while on the move.