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VideoMar 2009

Dolphins blow bubble rings

The rings are air-core vortex rings and the helices are a similar phenomenon. More:


VideoAug 2011

Mariachi band serenade a beluga whale

(1:45) During a wedding party at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut, the Mariachi band turn their attention to one of the residents, a beluga whale.


VideoOct 2011

Aquarium skyscraper

In a garden in Kaltenkirchen, Germany, koi (a variety of domesticated carp) get a view of their pond they could never have dreamt of


ShopJan 2012

Fish Hotel

Post-modern dwelling for fish. House aquarium designed by Canadian designer Teddy Luong.


VideoApr 2009

Alaskan sea otters play basketball

Trainers in South Korea have taught the otters to perform in this way by using their technique of throwing empty shells away

VideoAug 2016

How to hatch a baby shark

(1:34) Bamboo Sharks are a popular pet for aquarium aficionados. When you order yours, you sometimes have to help it hatch.


VideoJun 2011

Aquarium owner explains how come his fish are dead

Double helping of the biggest news story of the day: a car crashed into an aquarium... From Australian talk show, The 7pm Project.

VideoApr 2009

Kitten gives aquarium the ultimate crash test!

Learning the hard way that you must leave the fish alone


VideoFeb 2012

Puffer fish chases laser

(0:52) It's not only cats that are fascinated by laser pointers. This puffer thinks it's spotted an edible alien.


PictureMay 2009

Tiger and dolphins

Akaasha a six-month-old female tiger cub has a close encounter with Mavrick a 14-month-old Atlantic bottlenose dolphin at a Californian theme park.