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94%VideoFeb 2014

TYT - Massive 'Optic Nerve' webcam spying program exposed

(8:11) GCHQ, with aid of the NSA, has intercepted and stored webcam images of millions of internet users not suspected of any wrongdoing, including substantial quantities of sexually explicit communications.


94%VideoDec 2014

Mikko Hypponen - The Internet is on Fire

(19:17) Private doesn't mean what you think.

94%VideoOct 2016

Jimmy Dore - Snowden, Assange & Manning tribute in Berlin

(6:08) A powerful display of how a society should treat whistleblowers.


94%VideoMar 2012

Neil deGrasse Tyson on being a living meme

(3:38) Meme-friendly scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson reacts to his new-found position as a living meme.


94%PictureJan 2010

Questions of religions posed to Google

Search giants suggest both serious and humourous questions, until it comes to Islam... Go to Google and try it for yourself.


94%PictureJan 2011

iPhone auto-correct

Technology that adds colour to your iPhone chats, whether you want it or not. Long live auto-correct.


94%VideoJul 2011

Dragon's Den - Easy email for everyone

Software engineer Jonathan Riley takes the best from the past, mixes in a bit of today, and comes up with the future. Such an original approach, it floors the business brains on Canadian Dragon's Den.


94%VideoApr 2011

Julian Assange gets down on the dance floor

(0:58) Disco dancing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in a club in Reykjavik.


94%VideoSep 2011

What we can learn from five million books

(14:09) Google have digitised millions of books (15 million to date), but short of reading them all, how can we practically use the accumulated words today? Google have created NGrams that allow you to trace the usage of any word or phrase in the historical record, opening up the science of 'culturomics' (the application of massive scale data collection and analysis to the study of human culture). From a TEDTalks in 2008 with Erez Lieberman Aiden and Jean-Baptiste Michel.


94%VideoJun 2013

Richard Dawkins - Genes and memes

(8:47) Psychedelic biologist Richard Dawkins introduces the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase 2013 in Cannes.