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94%VideoAug 2015

How Amazon's algorithms maximise profits

(3:46) Companies like Amazon take advantage of the fact that they know a whole lot more about buying patterns than you do.

93%PictureDec 2014

Amazon users review Samsung's $12,000 TV

Real reviews on Amazon of Samsung's ludicrously priced $120,000 curved screen TV.


92%VideoMay 2008

The Giant Amazon Water Lily

Victoria amazonica is native to Brazil and the Amazon. This lily can grow leaves up to 8ft. wide.


88%VideoFeb 2011

Uncontacted Amazonian tribe

Seeing is believing. The first aerial footage of probably the last uncontacted community in the world. Ironically, proving and publicising their existence is probably the best way to protect it.


88%VideoJul 2013

A day in the warehouse at Amazon

(3:36) Mick Mounts runs through a day in the life of a Kiva robot stationed in an Amazon warehouse.


88%VideoApr 2014

$15K drone fails in Amazon rainforest

(5:44) Cine Chopper crew lose control of their $15K drone hovering over the Amazon rainforest.


88%VideoMar 2017

How long does it take to read Amazon Kindle's terms and conditions?

(1:17) Do you ever read the "terms and conditions" before using a product?


88%VideoNov 2017

Early days of Jeff Bezos and Amazon

(13:12) 1999 interview with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

88%VideoMay 2018

Faces of Greed: Jeff Bezos

(5:41) Jeff Bezos' wealth increases by $275 million every single day. Meanwhile, Amazon workers have to rely on food stamps and public assistance just to survive.


88%VideoSep 2018

How Amazon drives down wages

(4:05) Is Amazon really the job creator it claims to be?