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VideoJul 2012

Facebook wants to be your online bank

(3:00) "Disastrous idea" says Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks.


AnimationMar 2009

What Facebook is for

Graham Murkett spends all his time half-dressed sitting in front of his computer collecting friends


VideoMay 2018

Noam Chomsky on Cambridge Analytica almost a year before the scandal


VideoDec 2009

Couple update relationship at wedding

During his wedding ceremony, Dana Hanna took out his mobile device and not only changed his relationship status to married on Facebook, but also sent out a tweet announcing that the couple had become man and wife.


AnimationJul 2011

How green is your internet?

When you use the internet, do you know how much energy you use? This clip will give you an idea of how much energy the wired world sucks up.


AnimationNov 2010

A life on Facebook

The story of Alex Droner told through Facebook


VideoDec 2017

James O'Brien - How Facebook affects our political beliefs

(4:18) Dan from Leicester explains how our very own Facebook algorithms are presenting an augmented reality of the world and influencing our political viewpoint.

VideoMar 2018

Mark Zuckerberg on data sharing and privacy (2008)

(6:26) Facebook learned the importance of privacy way back in 2008.

PictureMar 2010

The Lying Down Game

Newcastle born internet craze called The Lying Down Game catches on. The idea is to find the oddest place to lie down, get a picture taken and upload it to Facebook. There are two rules: hands must be flat against the sides and toes must be pointing at the ground. Maybe these pictures will inspire you to take part, or maybe not.


SoundJul 2009

Dramatic reading of a stupid comment on Facebook

Could this be PeteBrown on Facebook?