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VideoNov 2006

The Daily Show: Last 10 f**king years

Important inventions that almost changed our lives

VideoApr 2006

Naughty Knot Lingerie

Revealing invention leaves panel speechless


VideoOct 2006

T-shirt folding machine

Cheap DIY tool for professional results

VideoMar 2006

Bladder Buddy

Cloaked inventor relieves distress


Volvic VideoAug 2005

The Evolution of Man

Man's momentous invention

VideoMar 2006

Flatulence deodorizer

Fart pad: greatest American invention


VideoMar 2019

Veritasium | How flexible machines could change the world

(12:51) Compliant mechanisms have lots of advantages over traditional devices like hinges.

VideoNov 2013

Top Secret Weapons Revealed - Skyhook

(2:59) Brilliant solution for the CIA, Air Force and Navy to extract their personnel from the ground or at sea.


VideoFeb 2014

MTT-136 treaded electric sled

(5:54) Developed by Canadian inventor Yvon Martel, the MTT-136 is quite simple - some batteries and an electric motor turning a tank track.


VideoMay 2007

Asimo fancy footwork

Giant leap for robots