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96%VideoSep 2014

LINE-X spray makes anything unbreakable

(2:15) Game changing product with super powers. LINE-X is a protective spray that makes almost anything indestructable.


95%VideoDec 2013

Rapid Packing Container

(2:50) Engineers Henry Wang and Chris Curro revolutionise the cardboard packing industry with a cheaper and less wasteful box.


94%VideoMar 2013

Demonstration of the amazing thermal properties of graphene

(1:23) TCPG (Thermal Conductive Pyrolytic Graphite), or graphene, transfers heat 12x higher than copper. This demonstration shows graphene 'melting' through ice.


94%VideoApr 2015

Baotou toxic lake, China

(2:53) An artificial lake in the industrial city of Baotou, Inner Mongolia in China, is the dumping ground for radioactive, toxic waste from the city’s rare earth mineral refineries.


93%VideoMar 2018

Trump's tariffs explained

(3:06) Why is there such a division in the White House over trade?

92%VideoOct 2009

Green Box, pizza box for the 21st century

(0:44) The top of the box breaks down into serving plates while bottom converts into a storage container.


92%VideoFeb 2012

Scientist tests super foam with welding torch, then eats it!

(5:17) It probably doesn't taste great, but at least it's demonstrably fire proof. A scientist puts a welding torch to his hand with only a thin barrier of super insulating foam for protection.


91%VideoJul 2011

3D printing

Practical science bordering on science fiction. Is this the future of manufacturing, individuals buying raw material, downloading 'plans' and printing products as needed in their bedsits?


91%VideoDec 2012

Plant Plastic

(3:10) Are plant-based plastics the future?


91%VideoJul 2013

Ecovative's mushroom tiny house

(3:00) Mushrooms are the basis for Ecovative's eco-friendly packaging and insulating material.