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97%VideoApr 2013

The Foot Powered Lathe

(6:05) Chris builds a foot powered lathe of his own design using mainly hand tools.


97%VideoJun 2011

Monster shredder at work

(5:03) With an appetite for anything, you wouldn't want to get your finger caught in this hungry machine.


97%VideoMar 2016

Wintergatan, a fantastic Marble Music Machine

(4:32) Marble Music Machine, built and played by Martin Molin from Swedish band Wintergatan.

96%VideoApr 2015

The Car Parking Machine (1932)

(1:16) Vertical elevator city parking solution from the thirties.

96%VideoOct 2012

Numberphile - The Curta, an amazing old calculator

(6:51) The Curta is a mechanical pocket digital calculator invented by an Austrian Jew by the name of Curt Herzstark.


96%VideoJan 2013

Open Source Philosophy

(6:59) Building the next economy, an open source economy where people work collaboratively rather than competively as we do today.


96%VideoMay 2016

Incredible magnets and marbles Rube Goldberg machine



96%VideoJan 2012

Page turner Rube Goldberg machine

(2:08) A Rube Goldberg machine (named after American cartoonist and engineer Rube Goldberg), is a machine that accomplishes the simplest of tasks by the most complicated method.


95%VideoMar 2011

Mesmerising marble machines

Japanese artist Denha's modular marble machines are still running after the quake, fortunately.


95%VideoDec 2011

Concrete buffer gone wild

How many workers does it take to calm an angered machine?