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VideoMay 2013

RoboBee: tiny robotic 'insect' flight demonstration

(2:21) Inspired by TV program 'Silence of the Bees', engineers at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are developing RoboBee, an insect robot that takes much of its design from nature itself.

VideoJan 2020

Life coach Tony Robbins meets AI humanoid Sophia

(9:55) Life coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins asks Sphia some tough questions,


VideoNov 2008

Honda's walking assist device prototype

This device reduces the load on leg muscles and joints in the hip, knees and ankles by supporting a portion of the person's bodyweight.


VideoOct 2009

Tireless spring making machine works with robotic efficiency

And keeps a good rhythm.


VideoFeb 2010

Girlfriend's kitty against my robotic arm

One can only guess the outcome...


VideoFeb 2010

A-Pod, ant inspired hexapod robot


VideoJan 2020

Adam Savage opens the best present he could want - Spot the robotic dog


VideoOct 2009

Bizarre French dance

Live robotic performance

VideoNov 2009

RoboBuilder 2009 Christmas performance

Dance routine

VideoAug 2010


PR2 robot trained to identify, straighten, pair, and fold socks. Perhaps not the most urgent of tasks. Advice is to focus on potential, rather than what it has learnt so far.