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VideoJul 2017

RoboMasters, China's futuristic autonomous robot battle

(8:09) The world's biggest and most complex student robotics competition is RoboMaster.

VideoNov 2019

Walmart robot works the aisles

(6:20) Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro takes a look at new Bossa Nova robots roaming the aisles at a Walmart in California.


VideoApr 2015

Tiny robots pull 100x own weight

(1:21) Mighty things come in small packages.


VideoMay 2006

Robotic parking

Auto garage of the future

VideoDec 2017

Interview with Sophia, the robot that once said it would destroy humans

(3:38) Sophia, built by Hanson Robotics, is the world's first robot citizen.


VideoNov 2010

Obama in Japan

President Obama meets service robot HRP-4C and test drives Japan's latest mobility scooter, all in the line of duty of course


VideoJan 2009

Developing Lisa, the perfect woman

Etienne Fresse and Yoichi Yamato at Ai Robotics give birth to the girl of your dreams. More:


VideoMay 2009

Robot jockey out for a hop

Prototype monopod which controls the speed, hopping height and pitch balance while the rider controls the sideways balance and steering. Designed by Martin Buehler


VideoAug 2015

RobotBoys Playhouse 1

(1:19) Just robots having fun.

VideoFeb 2005

Robot police officer

Law enforcement tomorrow