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VideoMar 2008

Boston Dynamics - BigDog's new tricks (2008)

The alpha male of the Boston Dynamics family of robots. It is a quadruped robot that walks, runs, and climbs on rough terrain and carries heavy loads. More at:


Sci Fi VideoJan 2006

Personal transport

Small is beautiful

VideoMar 2008

Soldier bot malfunctions

US robotics falters at the first threshold


VideoApr 2008

Touch of Evel Knievel

A solar-powered robot insect is about to perform a daredevil act of bravery. Crowds and the media gather to watch the outcome; will he succeedÖ or will he crash horrifically? More at

VideoJun 2006

Peter Crouch celebration

6 foot 7 happy robot


VideoJan 2008

Puppy vs. Robot. Fight!

3 epic rounds in the battle for territorial domination


VideoSep 2006

Bush pilot

Johannes Schluter - A German in America

VideoMay 2007

Asimo fancy footwork

Giant leap for robots

VideoJun 2008

'Robo-One Soccer Cup' Tournament, Tokyo, Japan 2007

The robot players are controlled by their creators


VideoJan 2009

Robocat, the future of pets (courtesy of the Japanese)

Dream Cat Smile from Sega Toys purrs, blinks and won't piss on your carpet