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VideoAug 2010

Short life of Space Shuttle Atlantis' rocket boosters

A shot into space followed by a spectacular return to Earth, that is the life-cycle of a space shuttle booster rocket. Onboard cameras follow Space Shuttle Atlantis into space, before returning on a dramatic journey back to Earth.


VideoMay 2009

Japanese launch rocket

Bodily going where no rocket has been before


VideoOct 2008

Saturn V launch in super slow motion

Apollo missions 11 and 8 lift off


VideoJun 2011

Hercules rocket-assisted take-off from Antarctic

(0:48) Kitted out with skis and JATO (Jet-Fuel Assisted Take-Off), a C-130 Hercules transporter lifts off Antarctic's ice on its way back to warmer lands.

VideoApr 2020

Rocket Lab | Mid-air rocket recovery demonstration

(3:25) How to snatch a rocket out of the sky.


VideoNov 2004

Jet bike


VideoMay 2008

Yves 'HumanFusion' Rossy, the Swiss rocket man

Rossy becomes the first man on Earth to fly with wings under his own rocket power


VideoAug 2009

Congo launches 3rd space rocket, Troposphere 5

One small step for Congo. Hailed as a great success by lead engineer for the Congolese Space Program, even though the rocket took off in the wrong direction!


VideoJul 2009

Rocket-powered Aerotrain experiment

French invention that reached speeds of up to 235mph / 380kmh


VideoSep 2009

Time-lapse captures Ares I-X rocket assembly

Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The first video was on 3 November 2008 and the final video was on 30 August 2009.