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96%VideoDec 2014

Giant UFO firework gets airborne

(1:47) Daylight UFO firework at the Bamboo Rocket Music Festival in Thailand.


94%VideoDec 2013

What it's like to ride Russia's Soyuz spaceship

(11:39) Astronaut Mike Fincke, veteran of Soyuz and shuttle missions, gives a tour of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

93%VideoMay 2012

Possibly the most perfectly timed shot in any documentary

(1:19) Just like magic, James Burke launches a rocket into space.


93%VideoMay 2014

Russia tests missiles during planned military drills

(4:22) All noise on the Eastern Front as Russia test launches missiles and rockets.


93%PictureJul 2011

Promoting rocket science


92%VideoMay 2008

Yves 'HumanFusion' Rossy, the Swiss rocket man

Rossy becomes the first man on Earth to fly with wings under his own rocket power


92%VideoDec 2017

SpaceX rocket returns to launch pad

(1:38) NASA footage of SpaceX Falcon 9 first stage returning to base for reuse.

91%VideoApr 2016

The story of SpaceX Falcon 9

(4:41) SpaceX Falcon 9 development supercut.

91%VideoNov 2009

Israeli rocket vs Syrian tank

(0:40) Israeli hand-held laser-guided rocket hits a fully armoured Syrian tank, with spectacular results.


90%VideoSep 2009

Berlin TV Tower lift-off

NASA's daring hijacking and theft of famous Berlin landmark