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93%VideoApr 2014

Bikini girl gets tasered for charity

(0:39) What a girl would do for fallen soldiers.


91%VideoJun 2009

Man invokes angels to protect against arrest

Attempted arrest which involved the use of a taser was foiled after the singing captive broke free and could not be chased, probably due to a diet of delicious doughnuts


91%VideoFeb 2013

Smart alec at the courtroom gets tasered

(3:31) Being awkward for the sake of it is pathetic and sometimes painful, as this smart alec proves.


91%VideoMay 2009

Footage from Pastor Anderson's brutal beating

Remember pastor Anderson's run in with the US border patrol?


90%VideoNov 2009

Routine traffic stop escalates into big argument

Why didn't the cop tell him what to do? Bruce Harper was stopped by a Davis County Sheriff's Deputy. Harper was pulled over because his front license plate wasn't hanging properly.


89%VideoFeb 2013

Knife wielding maniac at Buckingham Palace

(0:45) Large crowds had gathered for the 'Changing of the Guard' outside Buckingham Palace when a crazy man appeared brandishing a knife.


89%VideoMay 2009

Three ways into a locked car

Guy breaks in with ease using something that looks like it could be used for an enema, a simple plunger and a taser


88%VideoJun 2009

Girl in underwear shoots potato gun

Jessica works her favourite weapon, the twin barrel taser-powered potato gun


88%VideoSep 2013

USAF girl gets tazered

(0:29) Air Force girl volunteers to get tazered during training.


88%VideoOct 2013

Cop gives tour of high tech police vehicle