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94%VideoJul 2012

ALMA - Probing deeper into space

(11:35) Fascinating look into the construction and people behind ALMA, a series of radio telescopes in Chile's Atacama Desert that will allow astronomers to unlock deep secrets of space and time.

94%VideoJun 2011

The James Webb Space Telescope, largest most powerful telescope so far

(5:11) Due to launch in 2016, this incredible piece of technology will open our eyes to a better understanding of our cosmic history. It will look into the 'Dark Ages' of the cosmos to fill a critical gap in our current observations. Amazing machine perhaps, but is it worth the estimated six billion dollars it will cost? In the next video, nerd Hank Green tells you why he thinks it is.


94%VideoMar 2018

A new view of the moon

(3:18) The moon from a telescope on the streets of LA.

90%VideoDec 2012

When the Moon ate Jupiter on Christmas Day

(1:43) Lunar occultation of Jupiter, 25 December 2012. Our solar system's largest planet Jupiter is masked by the Moon, as seen from Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil.


89%PictureMay 2008

Telectroscope links London and New York

An extraordinary optical device allows people to see right through the Earth from London to New York and vice versa


88%VideoSep 2010

The Milky Way - Getting the big picture

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope is on a mission to create a pictorial guide to the past, present and future of stars in our galaxy. A slice of space in two and a half billion infrared pixels.


88%VideoApr 2014

TEDtalks - Starshade, the coolest possible science

(6:39) Astronomers believe that every star in the galaxy has a planet, one fifth of which may harbour life. But we can't see them.

87%VideoDec 2008

Bad Astronomer gets excited about Hubble's pictures

Groundbreaking highlights of images from the early days of Hubble with Phil Plait.


87%VideoJun 2011

Australian space telescopes and surroundings

Time lapse at CSIRO's Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA), Australia's scientific eye into the universe. Down to earth views of neighbouring life as well as into deep space.

87%VideoJul 2011

Russia launches telescope 1,000 times more powerful than Hubble

July 2011. From Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, Russia launched the most powerful space radio telescope yet into orbit. Combining with telescopes on the ground, it has a resolution 1,000 sharper than the American Hubble. Excited scientists wait for the first images, expected within a month or two.