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VideoApr 2020

Mobile data shows the real impact of ignoring social distancing


VideoApr 2020

Cats react to earthquake

(0:44) CCTV captures cats at a cat cafe in Japan moments before an earthquake hits.

VideoApr 2020

Driving on thin ice, not wise



VideoApr 2020

Democracy Now! | Noam Chomsky | Trump's attacks on China and WHO

(7:47) Trump is displaying typical behaviour of autocrats and dictators - blaming others for his own failures.

VideoApr 2020

CNBC | Why Germany has been so successful in dealing with coronavirus

(9:08) Germany's health minister Jens Spahn discusses why Germany has been so successful in keeping COVID-19 deaths so low compared to most other nations.

VideoMar 2020

Beautiful sand art from Senegal



VideoJan 2015

Swindon's terrifying Magic Roundabout

(1:40) Despite its reputation as being a traffic circle of hell, Swindon's Magic Roundabout is actually a triumph of road design.


VideoMar 2020

Penguins explore the aquarium

(0:56) The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has let its penguins wander around freely after closing to visitors due to the coronavirus outbreak.

VideoApr 2014

Roundup of the world's five coolest cinemas

(3:23) Check out different ways to watch a movie other than the local Odeon.

VideoJan 2020

Stephen Colbert | Bernie Sanders: I will do everything I can to stop war with Iran

(12:24) Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders believes the United States has no business going to war with Iran.