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Dec 2013

I dream of an Africa which is in peace with itself

I dream of an Africa which is in peace with itself. Quote by Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first black president (1918 - 2013).


VideoFeb 2010

MB Home Alone 1

Polish juggling freestyle footballer Marek Born performs his own brand of highly original tricks


PictureJul 2010

World Cup 2010 - Spain meet Holland for the final battle

A very physical clash between the two best sides who had never won the World Cup before. History was made as Spain deservedly took the title.


AnimationAug 2010

IED incidents, Afghanistan 2004 - 2009

Bombings as documented in the recent data leak facilitated by Wikileaks, overlaid on a NATO map of the area. Green explosions are ones where no one was hurt. Yellow ones are injuries only. Red ones had fatalities. On the death and injury front, left column is friendlies (including both allied forces and civilians), right column is enemies.

VideoSep 2017

Could North Korea sink a US aircraft carrier?

(5:25) An analysis of North Korea's military capability.


VideoJan 2007

Clever Americans

Locals questioned about the world they run


VideoJul 2013

First snowfall ever in Philippines post ice age

(1:12) Three straight hours of heavy snow fell on the Phillippines, a first in recorded history.


VideoMar 2017

Katie Hopkins on Rinkeby, a no-go-zone in Stockholm, Sweden

(5:04) Journalist Katie Hopkins went to Stockholm's notorious Rinkeby area to talk to those who live there.


VideoApr 2010

Creepy game show host Fergie Oliver kisses young girls

(2:22) From 80s Canadian game show 'Just Like Mom', host Fergie Oliver gets intimate with his young guests.


VideoNov 2009

Surprise homecoming

My dad is in Iraq right now