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94%VideoJul 2008

Dinosaur loose in LA Natural History Museum!

Jurassic footsteps follow kids


93%VideoJul 2013

Mirror City Timelapse

(4:30) Great American cities of Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles in a kaleidoscopic timelapse treat.


92%VideoMar 2009

Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson

Weird and scary cable access show based in Los Angeles with puppeteering by David Liebe Hart who is a church musician, sign painter, artist, puppeteer and actor


90%VideoAug 2011

Whole Foods Parking Lot

(3:55) Disrespect in the parking lot, scary stuff from Westside LA. Don't mess with the Prius crew.


90%VideoFeb 2011

Rear View Girls in LA

(2:07) Jessie and Reanin go wandering with ass-cam attached.


90%VideoJan 2013

Inglewood police pursuit, 13 January 2013

(0:47) The ultimate in reality TV.


90%VideoJun 2009

Monty Python - Little Red Riding Hood

From a 1982 concert film in which the Monty Python team perform a fractured retelling of the classic fairy tale at the Hollywood Bowl

89%VideoOct 2012

Endeavour's journey through the streets of LA

(2:43) Space shuttle Endeavour's final resting place: California Science Center.


89%VideoJun 2010

Running on Empty

Ross Ching adds something different to the art of timelapse photography. Inspired by Matt Logue's photography book Empty LA depicting photos of Los Angeles devoid of people. http://tiny.cc/mv0mk

89%VideoSep 2008

Gymnast Paul Hunt tackles the beam

Gymnastics coach noted for his comedic performances at the 1988 USA-USSR display in Los Angeles