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VideoMay 2006

Borat goes hunting

On safari in Texas

VideoMar 2008

Landmark implosion - Demolition of a casino

High-rise hotel and casino closely surrounded by smaller buildings, drops on it's own footprint


PictureNov 2004

Solving disputes Texas style

Solving disputes Texas style


PictureOct 2005

Drunks with guns

Preparations for post Katrina events

VideoApr 2012

Trucks thrown sky high by Texas tornado

(1:10) April 3rd 2012, a tornado near the Dallas/Fort Worth left a trail of destruction after picking up 18 wheelers with ease.


VideoMar 2008

Dog shoots his master

Overexcited dog accidentally shot and killed its owner on a goose hunting trip in Texas


VideoMar 2007

Hail in Texas

Great balls of ice

VideoDec 2007

Texas taser cop

Tasered for getting your license and insurance out too slow


VideoJan 2011

Houston's accident-prone Metro Rail

When it comes to who owns the road, bigger rules. But can Americans driving their outdated American dream understand that? In Houston, Texas, it seems not. Welcome to the modern world where roads are shared.


VideoAug 2017

Thom Hartmann - A storm of Biblical proportions

(9:32) Climate change is massively pumping up the power of storms.