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VideoMar 2020

Eye to eye with a humpback whale in Antarctica

(1:04) A brief glimpse into the soul of the ocean.


VideoNov 2009

Deadly Antarctic predator face-to-face with NG photographer

Encounter with leopard seal produces a surprise


AnimationAug 2006

Antarctica - A Year on Ice

Time-lapsed seasons in the coldest land on Earth

VideoFeb 2008

Sir Anthony Hopkins speaks out for whales

Powerful plea to stop the Japanese government whaling


VideoNov 2008

Antarctic ice shelf disintegrates

Scientists conduct an aerial survey of the massive ice field that has broken off Antarctica's Wilkins Ice Shelf.


VideoJun 2011

Hercules rocket-assisted take-off from Antarctic

(0:48) Kitted out with skis and JATO (Jet-Fuel Assisted Take-Off), a C-130 Hercules transporter lifts off Antarctic's ice on its way back to warmer lands.

VideoDec 2004

Ice falling

Tourists caught in ice disaster

VideoMay 2015

10,000-year-old Antarctic ice shelf is disintegrating

(1:10) May 2015: New NASA research shows that 10,000-year-old Antarctic ice shelf called Larsen B, will likely disintegrate within the next 5 years due to warming conditions.

VideoJul 2016

View below Antarctic ice

(3:20) Scientist Denis Barkats shows the view 10 metres under the sea ice at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

VideoNov 2018

BBC film crew intervene and help baby penguins

(2:22) A BBC documentary crew in Antarctica made a rare decision to intervene when penguin mothers and their young became trapped in a ravine.