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97%VideoNov 2012

Racist Aussies abuse a French girl on a bus

(2:39) From uploader: "Don't fuel the hate with more hate, just want these guys to feel embarrassed."


96%VideoSep 2011

The amazing Lyrebird of Australia (new footage)

(1:20) You may have already seen the Superb Lyrebird from BBC's documentary "The Life of Birds". This clip includes outtakes that show even better the Lyrebird's phenomenal ability to mimic sounds.


96%VideoSep 2012

Seadragons dance into the night

(3:36) Named for their uncanny resemblance to the plant life around them, a male weedy seadragon seduces a female with some fancy fin work.


96%VideoDec 2012

Fire tornados in Australia

(1:33) Stunning footage of outback fire tornados in Northern Territory, Australia.

96%VideoApr 2013

Policewoman and punter dance

(2:21) Policing in Sydney, Australia. An old man having good dance is joined by the law!


96%VideoJan 2015

How an Aussie postman deals with dogs

(4:04) Sometimes a perk, sometimes a pain.


96%VideoAug 2012

Velociraptor in Melbourne

(1:49) Velociraptor (often shortened to 'raptor') is one of the more familiar dinosaurs due to its prominent role in Spielberg's 1993 movie Jurassic Park.


96%VideoOct 2012

Earl Okin - My Room

(4:58) English heartthrob singer-songwriter Earl Okin woos the women.


95%VideoOct 2012

Atheists chant: "Where are the women?"

(3:02) Muslim protesters came to the 2012 Global Atheists Convention in Melbourne, Australia. This is what happened.


95%VideoOct 2011

The Gruen Transfer - Banning all religion

(4:31) Australian TV show 'The Gruen Transfer' asked two ad agencies how they would sell the banning of religion.