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VideoApr 2010

Creepy game show host Fergie Oliver kisses young girls

(2:22) From 80s Canadian game show 'Just Like Mom', host Fergie Oliver gets intimate with his young guests.


VideoOct 2020

Canadian rescue services locate missing child

(1:53) High tech rescue utilising thermal camera, laser and night vision goggles.

VideoMay 2005

America V Canada

Canadians allowed to exist

VideoApr 2007

Police in knife incident

Toronto cops always get their man


VideoMar 2015

Politician's brief encounter almost cost him his vote

(2:31) Canadian politician Pat Martin from Winnipeg blames tight underwear that led to him leaving his seat during a vote.

VideoOct 2007

Morning Show mooning

Studio street window begs full moon

VideoJul 2007

And on that note, the White Stripes

C-sharp on George Street


VideoNov 2011

Extreme urban skiing

(2:25) Snow is not always required. Canadian freestyle skier J. P. Auclair downhill through the streets, alleys and shortcuts of Nelson, BC in Canada.


VideoAug 2007

Police license plate scanner

Your number's up!

VideoMay 2010

Bixi, the bicycle from Montreal's public bike sharing system

Mitch from Bixi shows off the features of the Bixi bicycle as used in Montreal's public bike sharing system. This is the scheme coming to London in July 2010.