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VideoSep 2012

Ducks cross Toronto highway

(1:18) Heart-stopping drama plays out on a Toronto highway when mother duck and her ducklings attempt to cross four lanes of traffic.

VideoJun 2012

Aviation and the search for meaning

(4:21) Austrian neurologist and author of 'Man's Search for Meaning', Viktor Frankl, speaking at the Toronto Youth Corps in 1972.

VideoApr 2007

Police in knife incident

Toronto cops always get their man


VideoApr 2013

Worker on top of the CN Tower in Toronto

(2:48) Guided tour of the top of the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada.


VideoNov 2013

Rob Ford, Toronto's embattled mayor

(5:30) In a country so mild, how did such a brash figure like Rob Ford get elected? CNN's Bill Weir finds out more about the Toronto Mayor.

VideoMay 2012

Edge Walk up CN Tower in Toronto

(12:28) Fancy a bit of self-induced vertigo? Try Toronto's tallest attraction, Edge Walk.

VideoJan 2013

Snowploughs clear Toronto highway

(2:12) This is how it's done in Canada.


VideoMar 2012

Why you need a dash cam

(2:24) Scam on a Toronto highway is foiled with the aid of a dash cam.


VideoJul 2011

Inspecting EdgeWalk at Toronto's CN Tower

Mark Laroche, CEO of Canada Lands Company, gets a breathtaking preview of construction progress at the CN Tower's newest attraction, EdgeWalk which opens to the public in August 2011.


AnimationJul 2008

I Met The Walrus

In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fan Jerry Levitan, got into John Lennon's hotel room in Toronto and convinced Lennon to do an interview. He has now produced a film about it with director Josh Raskin, pen work by James Braithwaite and digital illustration by Alex Kurina.