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96%VideoMay 2013

Slapstick scooter comedy

(0:30) Chinese scooter rider negotiates a busy junction, without much success.


95%VideoDec 2012

Blue Marlin Dockwise, the mother of all ships

(1:31) Blue Marlin Dockwise heavy-lift ship arrives at Rotterdam, Netherlands, carrying 'Dutch' barges from China.


95%VideoNov 2012

Trump trumped by Letterman

(0:54) David Letterman spots some hypocrisy in Donald Trump's new Signature Collection of posh clothing for men.


95%VideoJun 2013

Chinese straddling bus design

(5:04) Cheaper than a subway, a bus that straddles the road will carry up to 1,200 passengers.


94%VideoSep 2008

Duck's best friend

(1:02) Animal attraction from China


94%VideoJan 2012

Need for speed in Hong Kong

(2:36) Following 'Lazy Boy' in a street race through Hong Kong.


94%VideoNov 2011

Google Earth reveals strange goings-on in Gobi desert, China

(3:29) What are the mysterious structures in the Gobi desert? Has Google Earth been hacked? Conspiracy theorists will have a field day. What is your theory?


94%VideoNov 2012

TYT - Man sues wife for being too ugly!

(2:52) A bizarre story that could easily have come from the minds of The Onion, only it's from China.

94%VideoApr 2014

Chinese movie's low-budget special effects

(0:23) In film, things are not always as they seem.

94%VideoJun 2015

Tank man on Tiananmen Square

(4:45) The individual vs the mighty state.