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PictureOct 2009

Dining out in China

(31 pics) The humble kebab gets a new life, and in some cases it's not sure what that life was!


AnimationApr 2006

Chinese doctor

GP refuses leg shaking cure

PictureJul 2008

Chinese toy factory

Assembling tomorrow's make-believe


VideoApr 2014

Chinese movie's low-budget special effects

(0:23) In film, things are not always as they seem.

PictureMar 2007

China house

Chinaman's house is his island

VideoFeb 2007

Computer game junkies

Chinese army offer antidote

VideoJul 2017

RoboMasters, China's futuristic autonomous robot battle

(8:09) The world's biggest and most complex student robotics competition is RoboMaster.

PictureJul 2008

Hong Kong ship shopping centre

The Whampoa, a ship-shaped arcade with facilities including fashion, footwear, handbags, household items, electrical appliances, cosmetics and food.


PictureOct 2003

American apology to the Chinese

PictureFeb 2004

Fat Asian Kid

aka Little Fatty