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98%VideoMar 2013

Winny Puhh could represent Estonia at Eurovision

(3:31) Estonian punk/metal/WTF band Winny Puhh are through to the finals in Eesti Laul 2013, the process for selecting Estonia's Eurovision Song Contest entry.


90%VideoDec 2009

Estonians, The Simpsons opening re-enacted

Ad for Estonian TV


89%VideoOct 2008

Kiiking, extreme swinging from Estonia

Sport invented by Ado Kosk in 1996. As it is more difficult to get across a spindle the longer the swing arms, the arms are extendable for an increased challenge. A person to swing across the spindle with longest swing arms is the winner. Current record is 7.02m by Andrus Aasamae.


87%PictureSep 2008

New recruits to the Estonian army

They may not be battle worthy yet, but never underestimate a people with passion.


87%VideoJan 2012

Estonian Army party

(1:34) Hardstyle training for Estonian recruits.


87%VideoMay 2017

Estonian police deploy a spike strip


87%VideoNov 2017

Kihnu, the island where women rule

(2:53) On the little island of Kihnu off the coast of Estonia, women run the show.

87%VideoFeb 2018

Estonia's high tech society of the future

(7:36) Tiny Baltic nation Estonia has built a futuristic, digital society. Overall it seems to work well, but can it work elsewhere?

87%VideoJul 2018

High tech in Estonia - Skeleton's ultra capacitors

(20:25) Visit to Skeleton Technologies in Tallinn, Estonia to find out how their ultra capacitors are made and what they do.


86%VideoFeb 2011

Estonian trader vs Finnish Police

Excitement in Helsinki Central Market when an Estonian market trader asks for a lawyer. The back story revolves around Estonian berries and mushrooms being without a permit in Finland.