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VideoApr 2009

Strong man holds wheel-spinning Lamborghini

The Murcielago breaks down due to overheating the clutch but then the Diablo is held back to set a new Guinness World Record


VideoAug 2009

Ten drugs not to use while driving

See what it's really like, so you don't have to try it yourself


VideoMar 2010

Goalie winded by own goal kick

A strong gust of wind plays havoc with a goal kick during a local German football match between TSV Wimsheim and TSV Grunbach. From


VideoJul 2014

Manuel Neuer, more than just goalkeeper

(8:41) Germany's goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is not only great at blocking the ball, he can also throw.


Berlitz VideoFeb 2006

We are sinking

German coastguard responds to mayday


VideoJul 2010

Ozil plays with his chewing gum

Rising German football star Mesut Ozil can't hold back his football instincts


VideoMar 2009

Liebherr digger climbs a pole

Shear display of power seen on the German TV show Wetten, dass..! (You bet!)


VideoMay 2016

Noam Chomsky - People angry at everything

(4:42) Noam Chomsky discusses the the rise in support for Donald Trump.


PictureDec 2009

Solarpark Lieberose, the world's 2nd largest solar plant

Situated near Berlin, Germany, its surface area is equivalent to 200 football fields. It produces 53 megawatts of electrical power, enough to power 15,000 homes. Built on a former Russian army base that was contaminated with ammunition and dangerous chemicals, the solar plant will pay for the clean up as well as producing clean energy.


VideoAug 2007

Nurburgring F1 1967

Footage from onboard an old cigar F1 car