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94%VideoOct 2016

Jimmy Dore - Snowden, Assange & Manning tribute in Berlin

(6:08) A powerful display of how a society should treat whistleblowers.


94%VideoJul 2013

United Stasi of America

(1:54) July 7, 2013: German artist Oliver Bienkowski and Kim Dotcom (Megaupload) projected the words "United Stasi of America" on the US embassy in Berlin, Germany.


92%VideoJun 2008

Cute baby polar bear

Knut was born at Berlin Zoo on 5 December 2006. Rejected by his mother at birth, he was subsequently raised by zookeepers.


92%VideoFeb 2014

Stainless - Subway travellers frozen in time: Berlin

(2:09) High speed recording in Berlin, NYC and Tokyo subway stations.

91%VideoMay 2015

Spirit of Berlin, July 1945

(7:04) Colour footage of bombed out Berlin, one month after Germany's WW2 defeat.


90%VideoJul 2010

American 'ethnic' food section, Alexanderplatz, Berlin

(1:29) An American in Berlin discovers a gourmet grocery store with something for everyone. A succinct collection of popular US foods on display.


89%VideoFeb 2008

The Berlin Balloon Project

Project creators give chase to helium balloons floating high over the city to the sounds of Mozart's Requiem


89%VideoFeb 2012

Considerate Berliners clothe half-naked girls

(2:06) On a cold winter's day in Berlin, two considerate street artists clothe some half-naked models at Video Inn.


88%VideoMay 2008

Terry Pratchett tells a dirty joke

British fantasy, science fiction and children's author gets dirty at a book promotion in Berlin


88%VideoAug 2009

Usain Bolt smashes own world record with 9.58 seconds!

Lightning strikes again, this time at the IAAF World Championships 2009 in Berlin, beating his previous 100m record (9.69) by the largest ever margin of improvement since the beginning of electronic timing. Man, than man can move!