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97%VideoJun 2013

Thunderstorm time-lapse, Hamburg

(2:54) June 19, 2013: Nature delivers an impressive light show over Hamburg in Germany.

96%VideoDec 2011

Miniatur Wunderland, official video for 2012

(4:55) Miniatur Wunderland is the world's largest model railway and Hamburg's most popular tourist attraction. A wonder of the world in miniature, you will be amazed.


93%VideoApr 2011

Knuffingen Airport

(2:54) Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany is the world's largest model railway, and very impressive it is too. But now they've added an airport, with incoming and outgoing flights!


90%VideoJun 2009

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, world's largest model railway

(4:52) Frederik Braun and his twin brother Gerrit decided to realize a long forgotten childhood dream.


88%VideoJan 2016

Google maps Miniatur Wunderland

(2:24) Miniatur Wunderland is the world's largest model railway. Now you can explore it on Google Maps.

87%VideoMar 2008

German plane-spotters film dramatic landing attempt

A Luthansa A320 almost crashed in ferocious crosswinds as it approached Hamburg airport


87%VideoNov 2017

World's largest model airport is in Hamburg

(1:27) Concorde and the Millennium Falcon spotted at Hamburg's Miniatur Wunderland.

75%VideoJul 2009

555 Kubik by Urbanscreen

How it would be, if a house was dreaming. Light projection distorts the walls of Hamburg's Kunsthalle. Nominated by BeyondCool