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97%VideoOct 2012

Blowback: The unintended consequences of foreign operations

(7:46) When the American public doesn't know about secret American foreign policy, it asks the question: "Why do they hate us?".


96%VideoSep 2013

Putin laughs about NATO's anti-missile system

(0:31) Russian President Vladimir Putin laughed in the face of a journalist who suggested that NATO's anti-missile system was a defence against Iran, rather than Russia.


95%VideoFeb 2012

US General Dempsey: Iran is a rational actor

(16:10) Discussion on the Real News with award-winning journalist Max Blumenthal about the US attitude towards Iran and Israel's threat to strike.


94%VideoMar 2012

A message to Iran from Israel

(2:13) There's politics, and then there's people. Peaceful Israelis pass a message of love to their counterparts in Iran. Can the power of social networking prevent wars?


94%VideoJun 2014

Massive dust storm swallows Tehran

(1:33) Skies over Tehran turned black when a massive sand storm battered the city with 70 mph winds.


94%VideoFeb 2013

TYT - Warmongering over Iran

(10:09) Beware of the US getting sucked into war with Iran.


94%VideoJul 2017

Cold War in the Middle East

(10:19) How two feuding countries are tearing apart the Middle East.


93%VideoOct 2011

Iranian airliner lands in Tehran on two wheels!

Iran Air Boeing 727 lands at the Mehrabad airport in Tehran without its nose gear. Oct 25, 2011.


93%VideoOct 2007

SNL - Iran So Far

Andy Samberg and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad together at last

93%VideoMar 2015

TYT - Republican's 'treasonous' letter to Iran

(10:36) 47 republicans in the Senate sent a letter to the leaders of Iran without permission from those in charge of the nuclear negotiations.