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VideoNov 2019

Venice's disastrous project to build flood defences

(7:08) Since the 1980's, the Italian government has been trying to engineer flood defences for Venice.

VideoDec 2008

Wakeboarding in St. Mark's Square, Venice

Duncan Zuur with the aid of a 20 horsepower motor winch and his mates surfs outside the Basilica.


VideoApr 2011

Venice backstage

(18:15) How does Venice work? A fascinating account on how the city has evolved and is maintained.


PictureNov 2006

Lego Venice

Historic city in plastic brick


PictureDec 2008

Venice underwater. Dec 2008

A Room with a View and 'acqua alta' (high water)


VideoFeb 2012

Batongo - Cruise

(4:15) Music video for dance producer Batongo. This footage is of Venice's Guidecca Canal where giant cruise liners pass every day.


VideoNov 2008

High tide floods Venice

(0:48) Strong southern winds pushed the Adriatic Sea into the lagoon city causing the worst flooding for twenty years.


VideoJan 2012

Common cranes fly over Venice

(1:41) Bird's eye view of Venice from a flock of common cranes overflying the city. The birds have been hand-reared to fly alongside a microlight to capture these incredible images.

VideoMay 2012

Venice in a day

(3:23) A day in the life of Venice, arguably the world's most romantic city.

VideoMar 2020

The environmental effects of coronavirus

(2:49) What happens to the environment when human activity is drastically cut?