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94%VideoApr 2017

Brexit means Titanic

(1:39) Ever get that sinking feeling?

92%VideoApr 2012

When Neil deGrasse Tyson met James Cameron

(6:09) The movie Titanic was widely marketed as accurate in detail, but when astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson watched it, he noticed something was amiss.


90%VideoMar 2008

The Sketch Show - Titanic

Model boat enthusiast gets a sinking feeling

88%VideoApr 2012

CGI reconstruction shows how Titanic sank

(2:42) James Cameron talks us through a CGI reconstruction of how he and his team believe the Titanic sank.


88%VideoSep 2013

Science Xplained - What really sank the Titanic

(4:12) Sure the Titanic hit an iceberg, but had scientists at the time understood better how material properties change with temperature, the ship may have got away with a dent.


88%VideoSep 2015

Titanic shadow art

(1:50) Created by Indian shadow artist by Sana Anil Kumar.


87%VideoApr 2012

Genuine 1912 footage of Titanic, pre and post disaster

(2:12) This newsreel (without the music) would have been shown in the cinemas at the time of the disaster. Footage includes the Titanic leaving Belfast Lough for Southampton on April 2nd, 1912.


87%VideoApr 2012

Honest Trailers - Titanic 3D

(2:36) James Cameron's blockbuster Titanic is back, now longer than ever.

87%VideoApr 2012

Titanic SUPER 3D

(1:27) Titanic is back, digitally upgraded with new 3D motion 'feel' technology.

87%PictureApr 2012

Titanic trivia

Interesting factoids about James Cameron's epic blockbuster.