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VideoApr 2015

Baotou toxic lake, China

(2:53) An artificial lake in the industrial city of Baotou, Inner Mongolia in China, is the dumping ground for radioactive, toxic waste from the city’s rare earth mineral refineries.


VideoSep 2017

China turns desert into fertile land

(1:44) The UN Convention to Combat Desertification is in acction in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

VideoSep 2011

Polaroids for Mongolians

(1:18) We take photos of ourselves for granted now, especially since the digital revolution. But what of a Mongolian kid who has never seen himself printed on paper?


VideoNov 2011

Mongolian throat singer sings Waltzing Matilda

(3:11) Virtuoso Mongolian throat singer and horse-hair fiddle player Bukhchuluun Ganburged sings Waltzing Matilda, Australia's unofficial national anthem.


VideoOct 2014

Karl Pilkington tries throat singing

(0:52) While in Mongolia, Karl Pilkington joins in with some throat singing. He's a natural.


VideoJan 2015

Three suns in the Mongolian sky

(1:35) Rare optical illusion that makes it look like there are three suns in sky was spotted in Mongolia.


VideoMar 2015

Chilling Mongolian throat music meets epic Western rock

(3:50) Hanggai is a Chinese folk band who play a fusion of Mongolian folk music and Western rock.