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93%VideoMay 2018

Mountain road meets waterfall, Nepal


90%VideoJan 2008

Sir Edmund Hillary dies (Jan 11, 2008)

The unassuming beekeeper makes his final ascent

88%VideoMay 2014

Nepalese guy caught smoking weed

(3:40) Police stumble on a man in a barrel smoking weed.


88%VideoMay 2015

7.3 quake triggers deadly landslides in Nepal

(10:31) May 12, 2015: While volunteering with The Salvation Army in Nepal, Michael and his team were trying to reach some isolated villages to see what help they could offer. They were close to the epicenter of the 7.3 earthquake that struck that day.

88%VideoMar 2012

Parahawking in Nepal - Best of 2010/2011

(2:48) Falconry and paragliding combined. You too can go parahawking in Nepal, details inside.


87%VideoApr 2015

Drone footage captures aftermath of Nepal earthquake 2015

(1:10) Amateur drone footage shows the extent of devastation in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu.

87%VideoMay 2015

Michio Kaku on the Nepal earthquakes

(3:22) Theoretical physicist and CBS News science contributor Michio Kaku discusses the science behind the devastating 2015 Nepal earthquakes and ensuing avalanches.


87%VideoFeb 2016

David Lama - High altitude climbing on Lunag Ri

(2:21) Mountain climbers David Lama and Conrad Anker became the first expedition to reach the headwall of Lunag R on the border of Nepal and Tibet.

87%VideoSep 2017

Severe flooding kills over 1,000 in South Asia

(2:36) Heavy flooding has hit not only Texas, but also great swathes of South Asia, from Mumbai to Bangladesh and Nepal.

63%VideoJul 2011

Parahawking in Nepal

An old man takes the flight of his life, paragliding over mountains in Nepal, alongside the best, a hawk. Strange choice of music though.