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96%VideoJan 2015

Mayor's message to Muslims: If you don't like freedom, fuck off

(1:03) Mayor of Rotterdam: It is incomprehensible how someone can turn against freedom like this. But if you can't stand the freedom, for heaven's sake, pack your bags and leave...."


96%VideoJul 2014

The Dutch pay their respects to MH-17 victims

(1:34) A motorcade of 74 hearses carry bodies from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17, to Hilvershum for identification.


96%VideoJan 2014

Dutch Marines storm cargo ship

(3:39) May 2010: Dutch Marines board a hijacked German cargo ship off the coast of Somalia.


95%VideoDec 2012

Blue Marlin Dockwise, the mother of all ships

(1:31) Blue Marlin Dockwise heavy-lift ship arrives at Rotterdam, Netherlands, carrying 'Dutch' barges from China.


94%VideoNov 2014

Birds on a tree

(0:40) Short but sweet, according to a Dutch man in Zaandam, Netherlands,

94%AnimationJan 2013

Futuristic Dutch highways will glow in the dark

(0:59) Road to the future, set to be installed in the Netherlands by mid 2013.


94%VideoAug 2013

Container ship time-lapse at Rotterdam

(5:32) MS-Renata delivers containers to different bays at Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Europe's biggest port.

94%VideoDec 2015

Dry spectators enjoy M.V. Greenland launch

(1:33) Launching of dedicated cement carrier M.V. Greenland built by Dutch shipbuilder Ferus Smit.


94%VideoApr 2013

Strong winds blow cyclists in the Netherlands

(0:41) Dutch students battle strong force 7 winds to get to class.


94%VideoAug 2015

Public gander at passing parade