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PictureJul 2010

World Cup 2010 - Spain meet Holland for the final battle

A very physical clash between the two best sides who had never won the World Cup before. History was made as Spain deservedly took the title.


VideoJun 2012

Man washes his hands in piss

(1:13) Roaming Dutch reporter gets the scoop of her life when a man washes his hands in a urinal right in front of her.


VideoOct 2007

Zapp prank during game

Turning off televisions during a soccer match


AnimationNov 2007


Walking through a branded city by Studio Smack

AnimationApr 2008

Christiaan Postma Clock

Composed of more than 150 individual clocks mounted to a 140 cm x 140 cm panel, hour and minute dials are clustered in a seemingly haphazard pattern. Design by Christiaan Postma. More:


VideoApr 2004

Simply The Best

A group of Pop Idol losers in the Netherlands perform at half time in a football game.


Centraal Beheer VideoMar 2007

Bill Clinton and the Voodoo Doll

Museum piece hijacks Clinton's speech

VideoJul 2010

Samsung 3D projection mapping, Amsterdam

Samsung create a mind-cracking 3D projection on a historic building in Amsterdam. All this to promote their new range of 3D LED TVs.

VideoNov 2010

Road laying machine

Rolling out the red brick road. A Dutch machine called the Tiger-Stone rolls out perfectly laid bricks as it creeps along.


VideoJan 2011

Floating architecture for a changing climate

Going with the flow. 2/3 of the Dutch population live below sea-level kept at bay by an impressive network of dikes. But in a world of rising sea-level, the Dutch are rethinking their approach to survival. Rather than fighting water, they will rise above it. Koen Olthuis is one of the young architects leading the world towards an amphibious future.