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VideoOct 2007

Zapp prank during game

Turning off televisions during a soccer match


VideoDec 2005

Amsterdam dribble

Keeping an eye on the ball

VideoApr 2009

Sideways bike spotted in Amsterdam

Irish biker and inventor Michael Killian rides side-saddle to work


VideoJul 2010

Samsung 3D projection mapping, Amsterdam

Samsung create a mind-cracking 3D projection on a historic building in Amsterdam. All this to promote their new range of 3D LED TVs.

PictureJun 2007

Satellite dishes in colour

School kids brighten up Amsterdam's Satellite City

VideoFeb 2020

How grocery shopping is different in Amsterdam

(3:46) When it comes to differences between life in North America versus life in the Netherlands, grocery shopping might just be the biggest thing.


VideoFeb 2012

Ice skating on Amsterdam's canals - Winter 2012

(2:56) For the first time in 15 years, Amsterdam's beautiful canals are frozen over.


VideoAug 2012

Human statue defies laws of physics

(0:37) Believed to be performing in the streets of Amsterdam.


VideoDec 2009

Gory sings in Amsterdam's Red Light District

Gory Bateson sings Eric Clapton's 'Wonderful Tonight' to a woman in an apartment in the red light district in Amsterdam


VideoSep 2014

KLM Lost & Found service

(1:43) KLM’s dedicated Lost & Found team at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport reunite lost items with their owner.