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97%VideoApr 2013

New Zealand politician delivers powerful and funny gay marriage speech

(4:20) New Zealand politician Maurice Williamson tells it as it is, and leaves other Parliament members in stitches.


96%VideoAug 2012

New Zealand soldiers say farewell to fallen comrades

(3:14) Haka, an outward display of inner thoughts and emotions.


96%VideoMay 2014

Awakening - New Zealand 4K

(4:26) First part of a time-lapse series through the changing landscapes of New Zealand.

94%VideoOct 2010

All Blacks magic

(1:00) New Zealand's biggest asset, the All Blacks show some tricks they've been perfecting in training.


94%VideoMay 2013

Full moon in New Zealand

(3:46) Real time video of the moon rising over the Mount Victoria Lookout in Wellington.


94%VideoNov 2016

Raised coastline after New Zealand 7.8 quake

(1:31) Impacts of the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake on the south end of Waipapa Bay, New Zealand.

94%VideoApr 2013

Happiness all round when marriage equality bill passes

(4:47) Inspired moment when the New Zealand parliament broke into a Maori song on hearing the Marriage Amendment Bill (Third Reading) passed 77 to 44.


94%VideoFeb 2016

Free-range chickens at Otaika Valley farm, New Zealand

(5:31) Happy chickens make better eggs.


93%VideoJun 2008

The Trons in rehearsal - Sister Robot

New Zealand robotic band The Trons practicing 'Sister Robot' in the lounge before their up and coming Ignition Fringe Festival shows.


93%VideoDec 2012

Boat fire on the lake

(1:20) There was nothing that could be done and onboard were two tanks of gas.